I am excited about this stage in our lives. Last night after rocking Berkley (1) to sleep, I watched Kamdyn (4) dance and prance around the living room. I just sat and watched. She was beautiful! I couldn’t help but think, “I want to remember this forever”. This morning we embark on a new stage that I am very excited about. The staff here is West Main Baptist Church requires a study day. My study day is on Thursdays and it is fantastic. Although it is hard to truly keep it as a study day only and not fill it with meetings and other agenda items, we are blessed to be a able to set aside a full day toward study and preparation, not in the office. Today we are in a place to give my beautiful bride the same opportunity. One of the values we try to impart on our girls is that loving God and reading the Bible are the most important things you can do. I am excited that we are able to show them that it is not just something we talk about, but something we put into practice.

Today is Berkley’s first day of daycare and the first day of His Kids Learning Center here at West Main. It is also the first day of “Kamdyn and Momo day”, as we have designated Monday’s. This gives Staci a full day to study the Word, work on Community Bible Study lessons and Core Group training. I am so proud of the leadership that my bride has jumped into since being here in Artesia! She is a blessing to me and our girls. I can’t believe that I get to spend the rest of my life loving her.

Don’t get me wrong, these are not the only days we study our Bibles :0), however, it is so nice to have a full day completely devoted to His Word without interruptions. Thank you God for setting us on this path and allowing the resources to make this happen.