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Staci and I have been talking over the past few weeks about engaging our community.  You see, we are trying to sell our house in order to move closer to the church for two reasons: 1. To engage and be a part of the community surrounding the church  2. To be closer in order to have youth events at our house.  But in all the preparation and fun thoughts about doing that, we realized we haven’t engaged our current community.  SAD!!!!  We have been there for 3 years and don’t know anybodies names and the ones we did know have moved.  So here are a couple of ideas we have in order to get to know our neighbors this holiday season.  These are very preliminary and I am open to your suggestions…please provide more suggestions

Reverse panhandling, there is only one way out of our subdivision and it gets really backed up during the morning commute.  What if we give out money to those waiting at the stop light instead of asking for money. 
Cookies and a Christmas Card, knocking on doors in our neighborhood with a plate of cookies and a Christmas card.  We would introduce ourselves, tell them where we live, and why we are doing this.
Block Party, hosting a block party for our neighbors with food and games.  Just a time to hang out and meet everyone.

What ideas do you have…what have you done before?



There are a few lines from an old hymn that just resonate in my soul and have been since this summer.  They really struck me today…how about you…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face.
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
in the light of His glory and grace.

For  years “the church” has gone to “church” to listen to one man/woman stand up and tell them how to live a better life, only to walk out with a puffed chest and think that we have done our “Christian duty” by listening.  Some of us have even attended many events and helped with church activities but don’t have a personal time with God.  What would life look like if we could make an “eternal ripple” (props to JHellums on that one) in peoples lives?  Wouldn’t it carry on?  That person would share it with someone else, and they would share it, and the ripple would continue to grow.  So how do we make that happen?  How is a life impacted so deeply?  I have a couple of ideas…

1.  Through a relationship.  You don’t meet someone for the first time and begin to dig deeply into their past and current life.  You don’t ask those deep penetrating questions automatically.  However, most of us don’t even go that deep after we have a great relationship with someone.  We become afraid of hurting our friendship.  I believe that a relationship is a process.  It doesn’t come overnight and it gets sticky and messy sometimes but, it is worth the wait.  The process is significant.

2.  It takes self-initiative.  It takes self-initiative on our part to stick with the relationship AND to ask and dig into the persons life.  It also takes self-initiative from that person to change!  It is up to us to encourage and stimulate that change.

3.  Patience and Effort.  It takes patience to build a relationship and it takes a whole lot of effort.  You have to work at it!  You see, most of us have patience but don’t want to put out the effort it takes to make the relationship grow, therefore, an eternal ripple is never achieved because we are not willing to dig deeper into our relationships.

This blog was inspired by personal feelings and growth in the last few months as well as the author of “Insert Title Here“, Jeremy Hellums who wrote a recent blog on the phrase “Eternal Ripple”.

Shep vs. Nader

Did anybody see this interview last night?  Wow!  Shep sounds like a little kid…AAAMMM, you said…

I am so stinkin’ glad that the campaigning is done!  We finally know who our 44th president is going to be.  Although we are finished hearing who we should vote for, we have only just begun the fun of “Hope” and “Change” of this nation.  By the way, I heard last night that Obama is black…huh, who knew!


I voted a couple of days ago.  Can I just say, “I love early voting“.  I walked in, signed in, voted, and was leaving in less than 10 minutes.  The last election I voted in, there was a line outside and we waited for about 45 minutes in the dark.  Early voting is well worth it.  I can’t say that I’m proud of my vote this year.  I just didn’t feel that there was a clear cut candidate.  I don’t like either of the major party’s nominations.  I honestly feel like maybe I should not have even voted.  But, I did my civil duty, my right, gave my opinion…now I’m squeamish about it :0).

Camp Poll

I told you I was excited abou this new poll option.  Here’s the first one…


Three Translations

There are just a few people that I follow on blogs.  Mark Batterson is the pastor of NCC in the DC area and always has some great stuff.  Here is a link to “Three Translations”!  Thanks for the good word Mark, keep up the great work!

Sidenote:  I have just figured out that WordPress now has a polling function…can’t wait figure that out.

Straight up jacked this from my boy Hellums.  Sorry, but it is a great video…