12/19/07 Last Dr.’s visit we found out we are having a girl.  I’ll post more pictures up here soon.  Staci is getting bigger.  This is probably the only time in my life when it makes her happy for me to call her “big” or “fat”.  She acts kind of offended and then smiles.  You can really see the pooch now.  It’s lots of fun.

1/7/08  We are starting to feel the baby move a lot more now.  I love feeling her move.  It seems that every time I try to feel her she stops but there have been several times I have been able to feel her move and it is very cool.  Staci feels like she is getting bigger every day.  We have had an unbelievably smooth pregnancy.  We can’t believe how well it has gone.  Here are some pictures so you can see the belly growth.  Staci also got her hair cut…it is A LOT shorter than she wanted.  But it looks like “the mom” cut, doesn’t it?
phone-pics-052.jpg 24 weeks    phone-pics-058.jpg 26 weeks

1/16/08  Monday is the big diabetes testing day.  Staci is a little nervous, I think more because she doesn’t want to drink the orange drink than anything else.  We got so much candy at Christmas she was pretty sure that she was going to get gestational diabetes just from our Christmas gifts (it was a joke).  After Monday’s appointment we begin to go to the doctor every two weeks.  It is so much fun to feel our little girl twist and turn.  Staci says if feels and looks like an alien.  The times that I get to feel her just make it feel that much more real and makes me more and more excited about seeing our little girl.

1/23/08  We had another appointment on Monday.  This was the big diabetes test.  Everything came back normal.  I just can’t believe that blessings that God has given us.  We are so unworthy of such an amazing experience.  Since this test came back negative, that is the last test we will have to take.  There is one other test they normally test for at 30 weeks, but they found the Staci has Strep B during the urine sample at the first visit.  Since they already know that, they will not test again.  They will run antibiotics through her when she goes into labor and do the same to the baby once she’s born, for protection.  Praise You oh God, for Your servant is not worthy of such a blessing!

1/25/08  Today we had a break through…Staci feels and looks larger.  Honestly, just in the past few days you can actually see the difference in her belly.  It is fun.  She feels like there is an alien inside her sometimes.  Fatherhood is already taking a toll on me as well.  I had my first break down a couple of weeks ago.  I was listening to a song by Stephen Curtis Chapman called “Dance with Cinderella” or something like that.  My little girl is not even born yet and I broke down into tears thinking about dancing with her before the ball, prom, and wedding.  We can’t wait to see her.  (Ok, so I teared up finding this clip) 

2/7/08  A few more pictures for you.  These are at 28 or 29 weeks I believe.  We start birthing classes on Valentines day.  It’s a great way to show my wife I love here…”here babe check out how huge this epidural needle is, OMG.”  I know, I know, you wish your spouse was as awesome as Staci’s.

photo0134.jpg  photo0132.jpg

2/15/08  We had our first birthing classes on Valentines Day.  I think I am the only Dad that seems to be into this stuff, but I don’t care.  I love learning about my little one and how she is developing and growing, and how Staci is changing and going through.  Most of the stuff we discussed was information we had already asked the Dr. or read in books or online.  However, we did learn a few things about birth itself and all I have to say is…I’M GLAD I’M A MALE!

2/22/08  Yesterday we had our second birthing class.  These classes aren’t too bad.  There really isn’t anything that just astounds us.  We learn a few things but for the most part we have just been able to dispel many rumors and theories.  If nothing else is gets us more familiar with the hospital and head nurses.  Last night was also a mile stone.  It was my dad’s birthday and also the night I proposed to my wife, then girlfriend, 4 years ago.  Crazy, cool!

3/3/08  Well, we finished our birthing classes last week.  I found it enjoyable to understand a little more about what my wife and little girl are going through and just to be in the hospital three or four times before delivery.  I think it just puts us a little more at ease.  We feel like we know where to go and when to go now.  We have seem some familiar faces and I hope that will make things a little less stressful for Staci…if that is at all possible at that point.  We plan to…Staci, plans to breastfeed so she will take a class on that this week.  We have been discussing whether or not I should go (her for, me against).  In a sad turn of events, my great-grandfather passed away this weekend and I will not be able to make the class (darn), but will be making a trip to New Mexico for the funeral.

3/11/08  Our due date is 1 month from today.  Gosh that seems crazy.  Things are coming together and we are getting excited.  I put the stroller/car seat travel system together last night, we have TONS of clothes to get organized, and the nursery should be ready to by the weekend.  We are so ready to see our little girl (HOLY CRAP…what have we done????).

3/11/08  I just put together one of the dumbest baby swings every.  It took me way too long to get it together and the instructions were ridiculously hard to figure out.  Ok, I guess the swing weren’t dumb, the instructions were.

3/25/08  Only a few more weeks to go.  We are so ready to see our little girl.  Doc said that Staci is dialated to a 2 last week and nothing has changed this week.  All is well.  Looks like we may actually have to induce if the baby decides to go full term because the Doc is going out of town around our due date.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens.  We do have a name for our little one but we aren’t telling anybody right now.  Next visit is April 1st. 

4/3/08  The last Dr.’s visit went well.  He said he was going to try to “stir things up a bit” but Staci took it like a champ and was hardly fazed.  We are due on the 11th and the Doc goes out of town for 5 days on the 10th.  We go back on Monday for a check up and talk about inducing.  If we decide to induce, we will have a baby on Wednesday.  However, I think we are going to wait it out.  We’ll let her come when she is ready.  If that means another Dr. delivers, then we are ok with that.  If she hasn’t had the baby by the time he returns, we will have to induce for medical reasons.  Our Doc won’t let us go more than a week past due date.  So…she will be here soon!!! 

4/6/08  Dr.’s appointment tomorrow but we will not induce.  Here are some pics from the weekend.  Enjoy!!

4/8/08  Saw the Doc yesterday and all is well.  Still about the same.  We are due on Friday but we are scheduled to induce on the 17th if she doesn’t come before then.

4/11/08  Today is our due date…and still no baby girl.  Staci is still working and her mom has had her out walking the past few nights.  Everything seems to be well, baby is doing fine and mom-to-be is a little tired but ok.  I tried to get her to attend the Round Rock Express home opener with me tonight but she is afraid of being uncomfortable and would want to leave early.  I understand!   

4/14/08  Anxiety getting to you yet?  I bet I get at least three or four calls a day asking if Staci has had the baby yet.  I promise I will let everyone know but they seem to think I’ll forget them.  The support around here has been amazing though.  It’s cool to know that people care.  The doctor comes back into town tonight and they are working us in tomorrow to do another sonogram.  They just want to make sure everything is good and then we will induce on Thursday morning if she is still tucked away in mamma’s belly.  Ready or not, she’s coming this week!!!

4/22/08  We induced on Thursday April 17th.  Everything went great.  We arrived at 5:30am, doctor broke the water at 7:30am, started medication at about 9:00am, epidural at 11:30am, started pushing at 1:30pm or 2:00pm and little Kamdyn was here at 4:06pm  She weighed in at 8lbs 3ounces and 19 inches long.