We dropped Kamdyn off at Kindergarten this morning!  It was the most exciting and apprehensive feeling I have ever had.  God has given us this little beauty to teach, encourage, love, and protect.  We have done all of that and today is the first step in trusting Him with her life.  We pray every night that she would love God and always share Him with her friends.  Kamdyn is the sweetest most tender hearted little girl that I know.  She has a few friends in her class and one boy that she “has a crush” on, that also attends our church. I have learned a great deal from my mother-in-law in doing everything you can and trusting God for the rest.  It’s hard to walk off and leave Kam all day at school, but I have no doubt that our creator will work in her life!  With that being said…is it 3:00 yet???