A buddy of mine sent me this article that we both found very interesting.  When I first read that a Catholic church in New York was offering indulgences, I almost lost it.  I actually started a blog to rip the idea and had to walk away from it.  A few weeks later I have a little different take on it and think this might have a little value.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a lot of things wrong with the catholic church and I don’t believe in indulgences but what if it causes a person to confess their wrongs and change their ways.  I hope and pray that these people will confess to God and ask for forgiveness rather than just to another human being in a confessional booth, but I think money is a huge factor in our American culture.  If someone is willing to lay down some cash and confess some sins, I say bring it on.  Granted it is a very misconstrued concept but think about it…there are a lot of diet companies out there that are making you pay for the weight you didn’t lose this week.  People in offices and friends in dorm rooms and neighborhoods all over America are throwing down chunks of change in a competition style motivation.  The one who loses the most wins the pot.  Money is very motivational.  If people are willing to separate themselves from the love of the greenbacks and it brings them one step closer to God and His forgiveness…isn’t it worth it?  What are your thoughts?