Ok, so this blog isn’t anything about Cape Cod.  I’ve never even been to Cape Cod and in fact…I don’t even know where Cod is…so how can it have a Cape?  Anyhoo, I always here it on movies and television and it sounds nice.  It was a great thought to relax me from the stress of today.  I have been pondering and fretting about youth ministry.  Specifically, how do we get our students to live for and like Christ

I have been preaching relational ministry for years and I still think that is the best and most evangelistic way to do ministry.  However, this style of evangelism takes time.  I am human and want to see results…yesterday.  So how do we convey Christ to our students?  How do we convey the importance that “Wednesday night youth group goer” should be the same person at school, athletics, and home.  Especially when these students lives are crap at home.

Ok, now back to Cape Cod