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We dropped Kamdyn off at Kindergarten this morning!  It was the most exciting and apprehensive feeling I have ever had.  God has given us this little beauty to teach, encourage, love, and protect.  We have done all of that and today is the first step in trusting Him with her life.  We pray every night that she would love God and always share Him with her friends.  Kamdyn is the sweetest most tender hearted little girl that I know.  She has a few friends in her class and one boy that she “has a crush” on, that also attends our church. I have learned a great deal from my mother-in-law in doing everything you can and trusting God for the rest.  It’s hard to walk off and leave Kam all day at school, but I have no doubt that our creator will work in her life!  With that being said…is it 3:00 yet???


The Next Stage in Life

I am excited about this stage in our lives. Last night after rocking Berkley (1) to sleep, I watched Kamdyn (4) dance and prance around the living room. I just sat and watched. She was beautiful! I couldn’t help but think, “I want to remember this forever”. This morning we embark on a new stage that I am very excited about. The staff here is West Main Baptist Church requires a study day. My study day is on Thursdays and it is fantastic. Although it is hard to truly keep it as a study day only and not fill it with meetings and other agenda items, we are blessed to be a able to set aside a full day toward study and preparation, not in the office. Today we are in a place to give my beautiful bride the same opportunity. One of the values we try to impart on our girls is that loving God and reading the Bible are the most important things you can do. I am excited that we are able to show them that it is not just something we talk about, but something we put into practice.

Today is Berkley’s first day of daycare and the first day of His Kids Learning Center here at West Main. It is also the first day of “Kamdyn and Momo day”, as we have designated Monday’s. This gives Staci a full day to study the Word, work on Community Bible Study lessons and Core Group training. I am so proud of the leadership that my bride has jumped into since being here in Artesia! She is a blessing to me and our girls. I can’t believe that I get to spend the rest of my life loving her.

Don’t get me wrong, these are not the only days we study our Bibles :0), however, it is so nice to have a full day completely devoted to His Word without interruptions. Thank you God for setting us on this path and allowing the resources to make this happen.

Back to the Blog

I have had this desire to blog for about six months now but I just haven’t been back on the site. Since I stopped updating my blog, I have stopped reading a lot of other blogs and I’d really like to do both again. So this is my lame attempt to get going again. There!!! First one done :0).


A buddy of mine sent me this article that we both found very interesting.  When I first read that a Catholic church in New York was offering indulgences, I almost lost it.  I actually started a blog to rip the idea and had to walk away from it.  A few weeks later I have a little different take on it and think this might have a little value.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a lot of things wrong with the catholic church and I don’t believe in indulgences but what if it causes a person to confess their wrongs and change their ways.  I hope and pray that these people will confess to God and ask for forgiveness rather than just to another human being in a confessional booth, but I think money is a huge factor in our American culture.  If someone is willing to lay down some cash and confess some sins, I say bring it on.  Granted it is a very misconstrued concept but think about it…there are a lot of diet companies out there that are making you pay for the weight you didn’t lose this week.  People in offices and friends in dorm rooms and neighborhoods all over America are throwing down chunks of change in a competition style motivation.  The one who loses the most wins the pot.  Money is very motivational.  If people are willing to separate themselves from the love of the greenbacks and it brings them one step closer to God and His forgiveness…isn’t it worth it?  What are your thoughts?

Historic Day

I sit in a coffee shop this morning doing some work and listening/watching this historic day unfold. I am amazed at some of the comments that come with a day like today. Phrases like, “YES life is going to be so much better”, “I’m proud to be an American for the first time in a long time”, and my personal favorite was this one right after Obama said ‘so help me God’ a patron at the coffee shop says “YES, let’s go get a job now”. I remember when Bush was elected to his first term and how America trusted him and them trusted him again four years ago for a second term. Now all people can do is hate and slander! That is amazing to me. But with change brings hope! I have great hopes for Obama but I hope that America realizes that this country won’t turn around tomorrow. I heard a proposed change of 2011 or 2012 before anything drastic happens with Obama’s action plan. I don’t know how true that is but I hope that we can support and stick beside the man we so eagerly challenged with one of the hardest jobs in America! Good luck President Obama, Congratulations to you and your family, and may God bless you and the United States of America!

I’m A Whore!

…enough said!

Cape Cod

Ok, so this blog isn’t anything about Cape Cod.  I’ve never even been to Cape Cod and in fact…I don’t even know where Cod is…so how can it have a Cape?  Anyhoo, I always here it on movies and television and it sounds nice.  It was a great thought to relax me from the stress of today.  I have been pondering and fretting about youth ministry.  Specifically, how do we get our students to live for and like Christ

I have been preaching relational ministry for years and I still think that is the best and most evangelistic way to do ministry.  However, this style of evangelism takes time.  I am human and want to see results…yesterday.  So how do we convey Christ to our students?  How do we convey the importance that “Wednesday night youth group goer” should be the same person at school, athletics, and home.  Especially when these students lives are crap at home.

Ok, now back to Cape Cod

Advent Conspiracy

We are currently doing a series at Crestview called the Advent Conspiracy. It is amazing!! Just this video alone gets to me everytime. Enjoy!

For more information go to

2 New Youth Series Coming Up

I am really excited about the two new series we have coming up for our youth. This will be the first time that we have run a back to back series like this but it’s going to be awesome. I hope to have video segments implemented as well…once we get TV’s back in play (who steals things from the church…I mean really…come on).

The first series will be based off of a Student Life bible study “What if you knew…” The second series will be the “Whatever” series. Can’t wait!



As of 11/23/08 Phoenix Church of Austin is no longer.  We have closed the doors of POA!  It is a sad time but I feel like it was a very productive and successful effort.  I would have like to seen it continue but time has run her course…click here for more info.